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Knitters Review

Many Knitting Nancies in Amsterdampicture-2.png Growing up the child of a crafter I began learning textile arts before I can remember.  I had my first sewing lesson on a machine in second grade: I made red shorts (four square panels sewn into two legs), a bag with a pull string.  I had a knitting nancy to bring on long car rides (and so many, so long, those car rides were!), I cross-stitched, embroidered, sewed shoelaces into sewing cards, created my own wardrobes for small dolls.  And I learned to knit (but wasn’t interested).

In the past few years, though, I have become interested.  I get great enjoyment out of being able to create what feels like something from nothing, the feel of the fibers in my hands, the warmth of the end products.  So once again I have joined my mother in the fiber arts.  She is always sharing great resources with me, and I had one I’d like to share as well.  Knitter’s review is a wonderful weekly knitting newsletter that I highly recommend.  It includes reviews of books and yarns, explanations of knitting tools, and posting of knitting events.  If only I had more time to knit…


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Recipe of the Week: Gnocchi with mushrooms and spinach

As I drove home last Friday night, I thought hungrily about dinner. I didn’t have any plan (very unusual for me), but instead just thought about what was in the fridge.  I concocted this recipe (which is really pretty simple) and thought it was great. Read the rest of this entry »

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MVHS Faculty Bookclub

My colleague and friend Chris and I recently initiated a staff book club to mixed reviews of our fellow teachers. In the end, what spurred the birth of this meeting was a presentation by Kelly Gallagher, author of Reading Reasons, at a class we took through our school district over the summer. The idea had been resting in the back of my mind for several years, however, waiting for the right moment to arrive. When I was in college at Malone, I had several favorite female professors who met regularly for book discussions and meals. The idea sat well with me; all I needed was another book enthusiast to join me. I was, therefore, quite excited by the opportunity to do this at my current school with interested colleagues. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chicken “Barleycorn” Soup

One of my mother’s favorite cookbooks when I was a kid was Jane Brody’s Good Food Book published in 1985. The subtitle is “Living the High-Carbohydrate Way,” which I love on so many levels. As food fads go in and out, I pay little attention to most of the hype. And as a (mostly) vegetarian, I can’t nutritionally buy into much of it anyway. So I choose to live “the high carbohydrate way” and enjoy it. This cookbook has a lot of great quickbreads and desserts, as well as some great salads. I also happen to love the soups, and this is where my vegetarianism falters. Here is the recipe for a favorite soup which I am making tomorrow (with organic, free range chicken of course). Read the rest of this entry »

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Blogging: is it for me?

I have had a few different blogs in the past, none of which still exist. I have never kept up on them regularly, and there are a few reasons why. One: I am busy. Busy, busy, busy. I teach high school, I take classes in the evenings, I am involved in my church community. A second, bigger, more real reason: I am afraid. Afraid of what my audience will think of me as a person, as a writer. This is what really stops me from writing. So right now, I have no known audience and I am starting fresh. I am also taking a creative writing class through Cal State LA’s branch of the Writing Project, and I feel like a blog is a good forum to practice writing. So we’ll see how long this lasts.

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