Knitters Review

Many Knitting Nancies in Amsterdampicture-2.png Growing up the child of a crafter I began learning textile arts before I can remember.  I had my first sewing lesson on a machine in second grade: I made red shorts (four square panels sewn into two legs), a bag with a pull string.  I had a knitting nancy to bring on long car rides (and so many, so long, those car rides were!), I cross-stitched, embroidered, sewed shoelaces into sewing cards, created my own wardrobes for small dolls.  And I learned to knit (but wasn’t interested).

In the past few years, though, I have become interested.  I get great enjoyment out of being able to create what feels like something from nothing, the feel of the fibers in my hands, the warmth of the end products.  So once again I have joined my mother in the fiber arts.  She is always sharing great resources with me, and I had one I’d like to share as well.  Knitter’s review is a wonderful weekly knitting newsletter that I highly recommend.  It includes reviews of books and yarns, explanations of knitting tools, and posting of knitting events.  If only I had more time to knit…


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  1. I love my hats and scarf you’ve knitted for me, I think it makes me look more Quakerly.

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