Resources for Teaching Writing (or coming up with blogging ideas)

As a teacher, a resource I have found invaluable has been the National Council for Teachers of English.  I have yet to enroll in a masters degree program, so I keep up with the latest research and  get new ideas and new ways of thinking about my craft through some of NCTE’s various publications.  In the January edition of English Journal, I found a few great websites with prompts for creative and reflective writing.

First is a website called “Creativity Portal.”  This site has a variety of helpful resources, from articles to writing prompts.  It is colorful, but also full of ads–it takes a focused eye to find the content in the midst of this sea of billboards.  The prompts that can be found in The Imagination Prompt Generator are of the sort that can cause students (and we grownups, too) to think in creative, divergent ways.  The second website, Journal Sparks, provides similar writing prompts with a lot less muck to get through.  In a  recent conversation with a colleague in a creative writing class, she shared how much her students’ writing has grown this year, a fact which she attributes in part to providing them creative prompts and time to develop their ideas.  I always struggle to find prompts that are open-ended enough for this type of thinking.  These websites are a step in the right direction!



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