Watching personality arise in a child has been one of the most interesting parts of parenting.  Now that there are two babes in my family, it is that much more interesting.  I find myself thinking, “Oh!  I thought all babies _____, but I guess that was just Lily!”

Lily has declared her personality in so many ways since birth, and as we understand more of it through her increasing verbal and motor skills, it doesn’t change.  Lily simply grows to be more Lily.  From the start, she declared a strong desire to be with people always.  This showed itself first in her inability (unwillingness?) to sleep alone.  Early on, I found myself going to bed by 8:30 because she would only sleep if I was in bed with her.  And when she woke to nurse (3-4 times each night), she would try to get me to play after she was done eating.  At 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. and all other hours of the night.  Now, she wakes up asking “friends over?!” almost daily, and at her most tired she repeats this mantra as if to somehow comfort herself.  Another facet of her character which I love, but would never have taught her intentionally, is her deep love of all things girly.  Anything shiny, sparkly, pink, she loves.  Put your purse down somewhere, kick off your shoes?  Lily will claim them as hers (especially if there are clicky heels involved).  What would you like to wear today Lily?  Pink Flower Dress! (don’t ask how many of those she has).  Barrettes!  And boy, watching me nurse her sister, does she wish she had a grown-up woman’s body already!  She steals my nursing pads and nurses her baby with gusto.  What a good mommy she already is.

On the other hand, Mae, who is still in the “who will this child become” stage, shows obviously different preferences from her sister.  From what I know of her so far, I would pin her as an introvert.  This shows itself in how happy she is to be sitting in her chair looking at you, or lying on her mat playing, as long as you don’t pick her up.

And then… I originally wrote the top half of this post in late February of 2010. So much has changed in the ensuing months! And so much has stayed the same. I was tempted to trash this due to its age, but realized how precious those images of my little Lily at two precocious years old are. So here is an ode to Lily, a year late!



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