How I Feed Three Kids…

on a budget, with local, seasonal foods, working around food allergies.

My third sweet baby had his two-month day on Tuesday, and I feel busy. As I hadn’t imagined. He is an easy baby: so calm and sweet, he began sleeping through the night (12 hours in a row! starting before 6 weeks old! ask me and I’d love to tell you more!) so long ago I can’t even remember what it’s like to wake up to nurse. But the things that keep me busy with a new baby I had forgotten: sitting down to nurse whenever he is hungry. Holding him, gazing into his eyes, and playing with him when he is awake. I can’t just hand him a measuring spoon and spend time with him by having him scoop ingredients for me while I make granola. So my organization and planning are falling apart. Fell apart during my pregnancy, truthfully, but that is another long story all its own.

In order to help myself, then, I think this is a great place to keep records. When I sit down to plan a week of meals, all thoughts leave me. I have no idea what I can cook for my family. So if I write down here what I have done, maybe occasionally I’ll remember to reference it and use those ideas again. The details on my menu planning: my daughter is allergic to peanuts (anaphylactic), almonds, gluten, eggs, and dairy. And my husband has been trying to stay off the gluten and dairy himself. I have vegetarian tendencies and the rest of my family LOVES meat. We get a CSA, which here in the Northwest gives us fresh produce from the beginning of June through September. Right now, my menu is largely determined by my veg box. And without further delay, here is this past week’s menu:

Monday: Baked Polenta, Tuscan White Beans, grilled mushrooms, roasted broccoli

Tuesday: Super Stuffed Tortillas (from Simply in Season)

Wednesday: Leftovers after a late afternoon visit to the Camas Farmers Market

Thursday: Brown rice, sweet chili pork burgers from New Seasons (so delicious!), fresh plum sauce with plums from our CSA, flash-cooked Napa Cabbage

Friday: Whole Bowl minus the dairy toppings + our favorite store-bought salsa

Saturday: Friend in town: 97 degrees: Out to eat! (with gluten-free, dairy-free options!)

Sunday: Raw Pad Thai + rice noodles + marinated tofu: WOW. yum


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