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Raindrops on Roses

I have been on blog-hiatus for quite some time now, busy with life and also avoiding public writing.  I have, however, decided to at least attempt to re-start my blog habit in order to write about the many new experiences I have daily as the mother of a seven-month-old.

As my re-inaugural post, I thought I would start with my favorite things of the moment.

1. Setting L in front of the floor-length mirror that is our closet door when I need a minute (to take a diaper to the laundry pail, use the restroom…).  I return, always, to a joyful child, waving her arms in the air and talking rapidly and loudly to herself.  Today, she was leaning into the mirror, nose-to-nose with her self.

2. Free coffee.  My husband works at his school’s bookstore/coffee shop, and I get coffee and tea free.  Yay!

3. Jogging.  After a loooong hiatus for pregnancy and its aftermath, I am back to jogging somewhat regularly.  When I was pregnant, I constantly looked at joggers in envy–“that should be me!” I would exclaim, my heartbeat speeding up in memory of the adrenaline rush of moving quickly on my feet.  Now, it is me!

4. My husband.  But that is a whole blog-post of its own.  

5. Watching Stephen Colbert through Hulu.  Hulu is the television-less family’s best friend.


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