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Housemates at dinnerSince I was a lonely ninth grader I have always been part of some sort of small group through my various Christian communities. In Hudson, I went to weekly Bible studies with Young Life called Campaigners, attended youth group at Hudson Community Chapel, and attended Discipleship groups. As college began, I continued my involvement with Young Life, attending First Year Fellowship in Canton in hopes of being a Canton-area Young Life Leader (a hope that I cast aside when Wess began youth pastoring). I also maintained my relationship with HCC, going to youth group meetings that year attempting to be a volunteer leader. By halfway through my sophomore year, Wess was youth pastoring at a small Friends church in Barberton and that became my leadership outlet, and we had a tight group of friends that met on Monday nights for Bible study, which sustained us through the remainder of college. Shortly after arriving in California, we joined a Friends church in Pasadena and hosted a small group there for a year. We were involved in Young Life Verdugo Hills for those first two years out here, first in La Canada, then Glendale. While doing Young Life in Glendale, we left the Friends church and joined the Mennonite church in Pasadena, and now (finally) for the past two years we have been in a small group of close friends through the Mennonite church. Read the rest of this entry »


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